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Hey newgrounds!
After a year of hard work, Brandon (Aka. ManuForti / Bafana), Hania (Aka. hania) and me are happy to anounce we have a new band! 

It's an international collaboration project, since we all live in different corners of the planet (Brandon in Australia, Hania in the US and me in Peru). 

Go check out our newest Teaser:


And if you like the concept, give us a like on facebook:  TRACKERS BAND OFFICIAL 

Cheers! :D

New song!

2015-01-12 00:00:19 by InYourDreams

Hey! long time no NOTHING!!! so, it's time to do something... a song


It is on my bandcamp, too.


Go check it out! EVERYWHERE :D

DN-A album for FREE!!!

2014-04-26 13:44:45 by InYourDreams

My Band's EP is finally out! And you can download it for FREE! Go check it out here:

Just put zero on the "name your price" box and you'll get to download it for free. :)


I thought it was time to embarrasse myself again:


cheers :D

Projects in the works

2014-03-29 16:16:26 by InYourDreams

Hey newgrounds!
I havent posted something in a while, so I thought I'll post an update of the things I'm working on right now.

  • my band's (Poking the Rabbit) E.P.: "Self Made Therapy"
    This is a hard rock EP with probably seven songs. I don't know exactly when it is going to be out, but I think really soon. I'm producing and recording the EP myself. It's a lot of fun but a lot of work, too. You are gonna hear some previews very soon. In the meantime go check us out on facebook:
  • my other band's (DN-A) E.P. no name jet
    Yeah you heard right. Another band :D... I like to play with many diferent musicians as possible. It helps me to practice and learn a lot. This project is somewhat more modern and heavier. The sound of the band has a lot of different influences from progressive and even glam metal to nu-metal, dubstep and DnB. I'm producing and recording the EP myself, too. I'm, like, doing music the whole fucking day, every day xD...
    You can hear a preview of what we do here:

    And check us out on facebook, too. For updates and stuff :D

This is what I've been doing the whole time. I have also a couple of songs in the works for myself, but I have to find the time to work on them first. :D... this is going to be a busy month. If you just wanna chat and see me post stupid stuff all over the interwebz (and sometimes updates and pics ^_^), give me a like on my facebook page:


SchizofreniA is here!... Go check it out!

2013-12-04 03:39:11 by InYourDreams


like I promised, here is the link to my new Album! 

Go check it out! :D

Thank you very mucho for all the support!



My Album release!! ---SchizofreniA---

2013-12-03 16:29:41 by InYourDreams

Hello people of the newgrounds and the interwebz!


I'm gonna release my first album pretty soon! (tomorrow xD...). It has many of my tracks from here, mixed and remastered in a lot better quality plus one song never released here before. 


I'm afraid it's not gonna be for free (I need moneyz to nomnom...), BUT...if you don't have the 5€ and you really want to have it, just send me a PM and I'll gladly give you a code to download it for FREE. Yeah, you read right. I'm glad to give it for free to the people that are really interested in having it, but with the condition to contact me at least once ^_^... don't be lazy, it's just a PM. If you wanna chat about the production, mixing, collabing or whatever, I'll be very happy, too.




2013-09-20 07:15:46 by InYourDreams

I made it to the round 4 on the NGADM'13!!!!!!!!

This round I'm gonna be against Kor-Rune, one of my favorite musicians here! Check him out. His stuff is huge! (that sounded not gay at all... o_o)

Thanks to everybody in this contest, specially to Step and Echo for organizing everything and the judges for beeing so judgemental and judge the crap out of our songs! :D

I have a lot of new favorite musicians thanks to this contest. They are really amazing artists! I wish you all a lot of success in what you do (specially music ;)... ). Here are some of them:


and a lot more, but I'm to lazy, so I'm gonna stop :D... check them out

Some news about my geeky life

2013-09-02 05:02:59 by InYourDreams

"NGADM and EP"

I made it to Round 3 of the NGADM'13! (yeah i know... this are not news anymore, since results came out on friday, but I'm still exited about it)... I love making music. That's why I am allways trying to approach music from different angles. This not only makes me understand different styles, but makes me learn a lot about guitar, composition, cultures, people, etc...

The only problem is, that music is budget and time consuming. I'll love to keep doing it for free, but it's getting difficult, since I don't earn enough money with my day job and I will need another one soon.

So, I've decided, I'll bring out an EP. It'll have a lot of my older songs, but rerecorded in better quality and remastered. It will be finished probably at the end of this year. I still need someone to do the album cover and a new logo, so I don't know exactly when it's gonna come out. If you wanna help me with this, be sure to send me a PM.

"Least of the Lions..."

On the other hand, I'm working with ink-fish in a music project outside of my comfort zone. He is writing the music and I'm just in charge of the recording, mixing and mastering. I'm learning a lot about recording and mixing doing this project, and I'm loving it! We just finished a song this weekend, so it will be up here soon. We are just waiting for Leo (the soprano and amazing artist) to finish the cover art.

More news...

I'm working on a cover (hard rock version) of an 80's pop song, that probably you all know... (don't laugh)... I'll try to finish it this week. It's sounding great so far :D...

I've also been asked to contribute in another great project with other awesome musicians (some also from newgrounds!). My participation is not really official yet, so you will have to wait for the real news-post, when I know more about it. ;)... it'll be probably next week or so.



2013-07-31 18:56:19 by InYourDreams

I made a new videooooo!!


check it out!