My Album release!! ---SchizofreniA---

2013-12-03 16:29:41 by InYourDreams

Hello people of the newgrounds and the interwebz!


I'm gonna release my first album pretty soon! (tomorrow xD...). It has many of my tracks from here, mixed and remastered in a lot better quality plus one song never released here before. 


I'm afraid it's not gonna be for free (I need moneyz to nomnom...), BUT...if you don't have the 5€ and you really want to have it, just send me a PM and I'll gladly give you a code to download it for FREE. Yeah, you read right. I'm glad to give it for free to the people that are really interested in having it, but with the condition to contact me at least once ^_^... don't be lazy, it's just a PM. If you wanna chat about the production, mixing, collabing or whatever, I'll be very happy, too.




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2013-12-03 18:07:09

SIIIIICK...Will do my best to support the cause, brother. My band is ALSO in release mode. Sadly, I cannot offer free codes. That was a band decision. But I will buy yours!
I look forward to hearing it, mang!!

InYourDreams responds:

Hey Bad-bro! :D... Thank you very much for the support man! You are awesome!

And those are awesome news aswell, bro. I'll definetly check out your album! :) I saw you posted, you opened for NINJASPY! How did it go?