Entry #19

NEW BAND with just newgrounds talent!

2016-08-12 10:36:44 by InYourDreams

Hey newgrounds!
After a year of hard work, Brandon (Aka. ManuForti / Bafana), Hania (Aka. hania) and me are happy to anounce we have a new band! 

It's an international collaboration project, since we all live in different corners of the planet (Brandon in Australia, Hania in the US and me in Peru). 

Go check out our newest Teaser:


And if you like the concept, give us a like on facebook:  TRACKERS BAND OFFICIAL 

Cheers! :D


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2016-08-12 13:21:18

Wow, I know that she's been working together with Brandon on projects for a while now, but you're going to be joining as the third member of the unholy trinity? Huge congrats, man! This is gonna be good.

InYourDreams responds:

Hey ChronoNomad! Yeah... we've collaborated together before in a couple of songs and it worked so good that we said "why dont we make this a thing" xD
We have an EP almost ready, but we'll be releasing a couple of songs before to please the internet gods :P


2016-08-14 16:53:52

dam why did it end right there
i hope that not all and there is more somewhere

it was awesome

InYourDreams responds:

Hey man! Thanks for the comment! :D

Of course it doesnt end there... it's just a teaser of one song of ours. The full song is allready finished and will be released really soon! Follow us on facebook to know when and how it'll be released :)...

Saludos desde Perú :P