New song!

2013-04-09 20:01:16 by InYourDreams

Konichiwa Newgrounds people!! :)

check out one of my newest songs!

DN-A - This is the End

It's from one of my bands. We started in december and are writing more stuff. Hopefully we will be finished with our EP this year. :D

I'll go now to sleep, 'cause I'm drunk :P



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2013-04-09 22:16:46

I like it! especially the guitar tone/ riff in the beginning. the vocals and music in the chorus go together really well, very ambient long notes with double bass Loved it. the guitar at 4:04 is like a cool haunted Gary Moore. If it means anything to you all due respect, I do find some of the mixing to be a little thin at times but that is only in mixing, the riffs were good but perhaps try to get more atmosphere behind the vocals and music. Overall I loved the track as a fellow musician, thanks for posting the piece!


2013-04-10 14:24:16

it sux


2013-04-11 07:09:11

Sounds pretty good. The music is great, but it feels like the voice is a layer floating above that. Maybe a quality mic would change that? Keep it going!